Make a difference in a childs life

The volunteer will be placed at a school where children have a shortage of teachers and other studying resources. This project involves interacting with students in lower primary, primary or high school. The volunteer therefore needs to have a competent knowledge of both written and spoken English for communication purposes.

The volunteer will be involved in various schools’ activities such as: 

  • Create Africa at Heart clubs where we train junior ambassadors. These children can be introduced to volunteer programs at an early age to teach them to appreciate what they have and also to interact with the less fortunate children in the society
  • Help the teachers with teaching subjects like Mathematics, English, Music, sports and Physical Education especially in areas where schools face shortage of teachers
  • Raise awareness of taking responsibility for our environment. We want every volunteer who takes part in any of our projects to plant a tree
  • Initiate health clubs where children are trained on handling refuse, sanitation facilities and adequate hygiene
  • Conduct age appropriate life skills workshops
  • Work with teachers to incorporate personal and environmental hygiene awareness

You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself – Harry Firestone

Why Not Volunteer Today and Make a Difference