Make a difference in a childs life

This project requires volunteers to be studying or qualified in healthcare.

Competent level of both written and spoken English is essential for effective communication with patients and staff.

Volunteers who are not trained in healthcare can also help with basic chores at the hospitals as assigned by the volunteer coordinator or contact person at the Health Center

This project enables you to learn about Kenyan healthcare services, including the challenges of caring for patients with limited access to resources.

Many of the families in the remote villages are living in poverty, with scarce resources for food, limited access to water and no means of accessing the nearest clinics. For those who can, the clinics are extremely overcrowded and underdeveloped, meaning access to a Doctor can be a very time-consuming and lengthy process, which highlights the need for alternative healthcare options.

  • Help with cleaning the facilities
  • Organize medical campaigns and workshops.
  • Help staff care for patients more efficiently e.g. medical record keeping
  • Providing care for the patients by qualified doctors and nurses
  • Assist in under resourced local clinics, supporting doctors and nurses in their work
  • Visit ill patients in their rural village homes, assessing their condition and administering basic treatments to help them in their road to recovery
  • Help organize and facilitate HIV/AIDS education classes, workshops and support groups
  • Support local nurses and doctors with triage (which includes taking patients’ blood pressure, temperature, weight and other measurements).

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal – Steve Maraboli.

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